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Raspberry Pi Logo Amigurumi

Recently we are building our own Raspberry Pi cluster, so I made several small raspberries. It took me some while to finally write down this pattern because the colour-changing part is difficult to describe. I am sure this pattern can be improved. Therefore if you find some parts confusing, please leave me a message and I will try my best to help.   If you want an ad-free PDF version you can get the pattern through my Ravelry store : . If you just want to support me, you can Buy Me a Tea This is a pattern by LinZi. Feel free to contact me via Ravelry ( ),  Instagram ( ) or  Blogger ( ).  Please send me messages or tag me if you have any problem following the pattern, notice a mistake, or just show me your creation. Please do not redistribute this pattern, link to my Ravelry, Instagram or Blogger ac