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Octocat the Github Mascot

 Here is a new IT related mascot amigurumi pattern. This time is the beloved Octocat from Github =^.^= This is a pattern by LinZi. If you want an ad-free PDF version you can get the pattern through my Ravelry store : . If you just want to support me, you can Buy Me a Tea   This is a pattern by LinZi. Feel free to contact me via:  Ravelry ( ),  Instagram ( ) or  Blogger ( ).  Please send me messages or tag me if you have any problem following the pattern, or you notice a mistake, or just to show me your creation. Please do not redistribute this pattern, link to my Ravelry, Instagram or Blogger account instead. Make as many as you like for yourself or friends, but please do not sell them. Thank you~ Materials Yarns: - Black: head and five octopus-like arms - Beige: base of the face - Blue: water drople